Choosing the Right Book For a GLBTQ Author

An LGBTQ author is an excellent source for new, up-and-coming authors. In this day and age, nearly every book title published features at least one lesbian character. One way to take this further is read a gay book! In a day and age where most LGBTQ books are either banned or challenged by schools and other public libraries, simply reading a gay book by an openly gay author can be an act of support. In fact, there are more books by gay and lesbian authors now than there are about anything else. The prevalence of this kind of literature inspires and empowers writers, whose work is given credibility and the opportunity for broader publication.

lgbtq author

If you love reading, you will love these books. Authors like homophobic author David Hyde Pierce, who wrote the politically incorrect but brilliant Coming Now, have inspired new voices with his work. Pierce’s writings on race, gender, sexual identity, immigration, and other issues touch on all sorts of topics, but his desire to lift up the black community and provide a voice for those discriminated against is perhaps his strongest. He has been called “the black David Hyde Pierce,” because his work is informed by his own blackness and experiences.

Other authors with works considered topical and relevant to the current times include Karen Russell, author of The Necromancer’s Child, and lesbian author Janet Evanovich. Both have received critical acclaim and have achieved notable status in the literary world. Evanovich has also written several novels that were made into screenplays, including The Watery World and The Rage, which was made into a feature film. Russell’s novel After We Have Sleeped was optioned by Disney for a blockbuster movie, and although no film has yet been made, her books continue to sell well.

The work of GLBTQ authors is becoming more visible and more accepted in mainstream culture. Books have been released that address issues affecting gay men and women, such as same-sex adoption and parenting. Similarly, there are books about pregnancy and parenting written by female authors. Books by female authors continue to be successful in part because society continues to see the GLBTQ community as a marginalized group.

Many people do not read literature by a particular gender or ethnicity, so a good choice is a book that can appeal to a wide variety of readers. A humorous book about a Transsexual who falls in love with a female body may appeal to the majority, while a story about a pregnant Chinese girl forced to marry a man because of family considerations may appeal only to the minority. Likewise, a story about a middle aged woman who starts drinking when she’s thirty may seem a little old-fashioned, but it still holds a wide appeal among younger generations. The key is choosing a book that will appeal to as many people as possible, rather than assuming that a certain type of book will only meet a certain demographic. This is the best way to see success in a business as varied as the GLBTQ community.

It’s also important to pick a book based on what the market wants at this point in time. Not every GLBTQ author is popular right now, so it’s important to choose a title that isn’t likely to fade away quickly. There are several popular titles that have been released recently that have experienced huge sales and critical acclaim, such as Love Actually by Ian McEwan and The Wasp of Time by Virginia Woolf. These authors are experiencing their own popularity surge within the GLBTQ community, which helps explain why they were chosen for this book tour.

One of the advantages of choosing an eBook as a source for reading for a group is that the book can then be shared throughout the group with the help of electronic devices, such as iPads and laptops. There is no need to print out a series of documents so that each person can find a good place to read the book. Instead, they can simply use their computer’s screen to access the book wherever they are. This means that there is not only less paper used, but also that there is no waste of money on paper when it comes to buying new books, since people can read them on their laptop or iPad instead.

In short, a great deal of research should go into choosing the right book for a given GLBTQ author. If a self-reader doesn’t work for a particular author, then a hard copy would be the next best option. Many professional bookstores will carry books that are specifically written for the GLBTQ community, as well as other reading materials that can help inspire a new reader. If you know someone who is GLBTQ, ask them to recommend a title for reading together. This will help bring the love of literature together for an inspiring and enlightening experience.