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The United Health Fund recently reported that 13 of 35 non-profit, acute care hospitals in New York City are in such financial distress that their long-term viability is in doubt — a warning for all healthcare institutions fighting to survive.

Nevertheless, the conventional cost-cutting and layoff prescriptions for health care providers in trouble aren’t enough to solve this growing issue. Hospitals can’t continue to market their way to survival without forfeiting quality and patient services. Traditional cost Clinica Iztacalco reduction often leads to additional market share erosion and revenue reduction. As the health care system goes into an environment focusing more on patient/customer satisfaction, the conventional management responses could result in even greater losses for your hospital. Patients might stop coming because of reduced or non-existent services, the fact that their physicians have gone elsewhere, or the perception that the hospitals reputation is declining. Doctors may leave due to declining service quality, encounters with inadequate clinical and support team, and frustration with outdated facilities and equipment.

Maverick Healthcare Consulting has discovered that financial issues can often be more effectively solved with growth strategies that extend and enhance existing revenue streams, generate new sources of revenue and increase market share. These strategies include investments in enhanced quality to improve patient and physician satisfaction; investments in equipment and staffing which will speed the patient experience, improve convenience and increase patient volume and throughput; and investments in new solutions which enhance a hospitals profile and make it much more competitive for market share.