Temporary Work Visa For Immigration Employment

You should have a nonimmigrant work visa if you want to work in developed countries like United States temporarily. People who enter in United States with a business or visitor visa are not allowed to work. Work visas are not issued by government of United States for casual employment. Getting a temporary work visa is not easy as the government of United States thoroughly checks your eligibility before finally giving you the visa. hk visa status

Temporary work visas (H1B) are given to foreign workers who are going to perform a highly skilled in United States for temporary period. The employment should be approved by United States immigration and Citizenship Services. To qualify for an H1B visa the applicant should have a bachelor’s or equivalent degree. Higher degree is preferred.Unskilled workers are required to have a H2B visa if they want to temporarily work in United States. The government of United States will give H2B visa only if there is shortage of US manpower. People who are interested to work in United States as a trainee should have H3 visas.

Spouses and children can submit an application for temporary work visa if you have job offer from United States employer. You can also apply if you are skilled in a field that is in demand in United States. You can also get temporary work visa if you want to work for a particular event such as tournaments, shows or for other professional reasons, if you are a student having good academic record and interested in gaining work experience in USA.People who want to enter United States for performing nursing services for a maximum of 3 years should apply for H1C visa. Agricultural workers who want to work for a limited period should apply for H2B visa.

People wanting to work as trainees should posses H3 visa before entering United States of America. Applicants who have extraordinary achievements in arts, athletics, education or business should apply for O1 visa. People who accompany O1 visa holders to assist them in their performance should apply for O2 visa.Athletes who are internationally recognized and want to perform in United States should apply for P1 visa. Q1 visa are given to people who participate in a cultural exchange program for sharing culture and history and providing employment and training. Entertainers or artists who are going to give performance under reciprocal exchange program should apply for P2 visas.