What is Precision Accountancy?

Precise account

The Accountant’s declaration of opinion should be precise. The words should be precise and express the facts with which the accountant concurs. ACCURE or precise, or nearly exact, as expressed by an accurate standard or, in case of a very imprecise standard, the general accepted practice of the profession. Such standards are known as “the common principles of accounting”, “the principles recognized in professional accounting” or as applied in United States practice by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

In other words, the บัญชีได้อย่างแม่นยำ given by the junior minister is usually the same as that given by a certified public accountant (one who has been a member of the AICPA for three years). Precise or almost precise is not only the rule in ordinary life but it is the dictate of the discipline of accounting. It is not possible to state with certainty that one degree or another in accountancy is so exact as to be absolutely free from error. Every degree is liable to errors; and, if admitted, the errors could be extremely minor. The degree which a certified public accountant gives to any entry in his journal or registers of accounts, whether it is an entry resulting in a loss or a credit or profit, the difference between the value of the thing sold and the value of the thing purchased, the value of some property given in one month and the value of the property paid in the same month, the difference between the value of the account shown in the books of accounts given by the clerk of the court and the value of the account given by a competent accounting officer, etc., are all examples of degrees of precision.

A precise crossword puzzle is often the best-selling book in the county. Precise is also the mark of a good puzzle: the crossword puzzle that puzzles the most clever men has got to be very precise. A puzzle must be so well planned and so carefully executed that a man who has solved it without flaw has got to feel very proud of himself. In other words, a well-constructed puzzle is the measure of its intelligence.

Precise accountancy has got to be so well arranged that every line in the original document, even though it may seem very insignificant, should be remembered while recording it. For instance, if a person has entered the particulars of a purchase made from the purchase of a bushel of strawberries in his bank book, he should remember that he has bought two bushels, and not a single leaf of strawberry is left. Accountants have to go through thousands of tiny books every year, accounting for every penny of their client’s money, and a single mistake in an entry can cost a client a great deal.

There is no easier way of getting the mistake than to record it. Precise accountancy is an art of recording every single transaction that occurs in a company. The process is as exact as could be, and any miscalculation can be easily rectified. Every accountant will always be in demand because no accountant can possibly be as accurate as he or she is, and in general accountants are well paid people who work at the pleasure of their clients.

The profession of accounting in the public sector is extremely demanding and this is why there are numerous people looking to become accountants. The government is also keen to employ accountants because public spending is such a large part of the country’s revenue. So any errors that are made in the public sector will inevitably effect the country’s finances. An accountant can also find work as an accountant in the private sector. There are many accountants who work for large business firms who need to keep good records of every single transaction they make.

In fact, this is the main reason why business people hire an accountant. So if you are planning to start your own business, you should be very clear about the type of accountant you would like to hire. For instance, if you have a boutique clothing business, you would require someone who is very specific in his or her job – that is a merchandiser or an accounts assistant. However, if you want to start a general business, such as a takeaway or some other franchise, then you will probably require an accountant who specializes in that particular industry.

So there is a lot more to accounting than most people first assume. It doesn’t end with just ensuring that all your cash is in sufficient place and ready to hand. It goes on to ensuring that your figures are accurate and up to date, this is done by meticulous record-keeping every single day. This is why every business needs to get hold of precise accountancy services.