Why it is Important

There are people who can cry a river if you happen to separate them. They are lovers. Most new lovers get addicted to each other and cannot simply get out of each other’s sight. As they spend time together, things change and they sometimes feel suffocated by each others presence. Spouses are nowadays preferring to take a break from each other. It is the new trend in most relationships. According proved studies spending time apart is healthy in long term relationships. Being a loving wife and mother all year round is sweet but sometimes you feel like you are approaching a breaking point. The cold weather, shuttling kids, a whole clutter of business, a all-present husband or wife might be suffocating at times. Get a spouse solo holiday and remain married as long as you want. speed dating 香港

A weekend or a holiday for the girlfriends is sometimes better than a romantic getaway with your husband. If you are happily married kiss your husband goodbye and make some restaurant reservations. You will love being with your fellow girlfriends. Walk around, and laugh at your stories about the men in your lives. You will feel so much relieved after the getaway and your husband will not mind it in the least. In fact you will be amazed because he will be soon be planning for his own spouse solo holiday with male friends. Taking trips separately as a couple is habit which is becoming famous as the baby boomers enter a different phase and experience renewed inner power in themselves. It is a practice which is encouraged by many marriage experts.

Financial constraints might become an issue when a partner goes on a solo holiday. When one spouse spends loads of money on hockey tickets, dinner with friends and first class flights, does it go well with the other spouse? Here is where the importance of different bank accounts come in. When you have your own money you spend without limitation because you are not afraid of offending your partner. In this new generation, women are earning generous amount of money and they can therefore afford to spend on spa weekends with fellow girlfriends or expensive movie tickets. In the past years when the money belonged to the man, she could only spoil herself with a simple dinner and a movie.The results in search engines indicate that women travel is a big thing in today’s world. Guys have also discovered the camping trip idea as the