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Why those expensive spa massages are worth every penny!

Since I am a qualified massage therapist, people often want to share their massage experience with other therapists and other places. They are often afraid of prices when they call to get a hotel spa treatment … they can’t believe their therapists get so much money … I’m a spa Therapists explain that they generally only get percentages. The total service fee (usually about $ 20 to $ 25 per hour, and the fee) is fairly small, which means that you pay for the amenity.

And that’s true. These clean towels, endless supply of hot water, beautiful furniture and amenities, and the staff needed to maintain and support your luxury experience are not cheap. Many of us believe that you can get three “regular” massages at the clinic for the price of one spa experience. So I chose them instead. That’s why when my sister and I spent a spa day at the MGM Spa on a trip to Las Vegas, I wouldn’t have had a “luxury experience” at the hotel spa for seven to eight years. ..
until today…

I had a hot stone massage at the Hararea Spa in St. Regis in Princeville, Kauai. Hararea is, properly, the Hawaiian word for “house of joy.” The spa was so named after the land where the saints lived. The Regus building was known in ancient times as Hararea. From the moment I entered, the whole spa experience was beautiful, yes … insanely fun! Walk with me:

Arrive an hour early-there are “amenity” to experience. You will be greeted by a friendly receptionist. Go back to the women’s lounge and get your closet. The closet already has a safe space for bathrobes, towels, hangers and personal belongings. What is your size? You will need slippers!

Go to the sauna and get a great book, “Love is a killer app: how to win a business and influence friends who have wanted to read for about a year.” It’s no coincidence that you read a book about “loving” people in caring and business when you’re in a space where you’re completely cared for and feel completely “loved.”

Go to the steam room from the sauna. Steam. Aaaaahhhhh! Call yourself crazy, but you seem to be able to really feel your toxins coming out of you. Drink a bottle of Hawaiian Springs Water … Well, it’s just waiting for you, you’ve just lost a lot of water in your sauna and steam luxuries. The shower recommended by the receptionist, with shower heads on all sides, and water that rains from the ceiling. Enjoy the scent of shampoo, conditioner, body Hotel alsace wash, shaving cream … Wouldn’t a rich, fragrant shaving cream make shaving your feet fun? Wear the characteristic Hararea Spa bathrobes. Very soft and very cozy. Do you have time Slip into the waiting room of the woman’s living room and continue reading the book. Love is really flowing now, you and the author are one. But wait, you’re in a luxurious hotel spa … don’t miss the fragrant waters of the salon. Today we have orange slices in the water … oh, you needed that vitamin C … the right ones are much better than supplement pills. “You must be Mrs. Nino (or Mrs. ________ or Mrs. _____, write her name here!),” Her therapist says in a muffled voice … Knows everything about the “inner voice”, and she is in kindergarten. teacher!

Take her to her treatment room. Don’t worry, there’s a heating block on the table … she notices you look a little cold and guarantees you that she turned on the heating block. Get excited … this is a hot stone massage … your favorite kind! Feel the heat of the stone sinking into your skin, first superficially and then very deeply. Saying “Tata” to the tension … Heading south. Feel the warmth and weight of the smooth basalt as it slides over your skin. Feel the stones that apply taro butter cream by email instead of tired muscles. Watch your mind slowly flow out of the door … you are in the zone. You thank your body for the work it has done for you recently … well, your entire life. “Here you have a body … it’s about you today. Think and go! “”

Admire the therapist’s skills. She has a really smooth transition. Have you read Thomas Meyers Anatomy Trains? And the movement of him from the soles of his feet to his feet, gluteal muscles, back, shoulders, arms to hands, and back to his feet … it was spectacular! Let’s talk about the liquidity of movement! Talk about respecting the fascial lines … Well, you definitely learned about the anatomical train. Please be aware that it will end soon, but that’s okay. It was so good, think about how deep you took in the last hour. Enough oxygen to dive for hours. Your cells thank you. She thank her. Tell him he has great abilities. Because she does. And it feels good to remember it. Let him take a bath again. Take a few deep breaths at the end. Please listen after draining the water. You can also hear another spa maid taking a deep breath. People are happy here. They found the relief they were looking for. It’s time to go. Say goodbye to the cute robe. I’m glad I took you, but my time here is over. Pay … big tips … and know, those “amenity” … all penny worth!
I went back to my hotel room and exchanged emails with my dear customers. He just had a massage and said, “It was sacred.” She replied, “It was better than yours and probably couldn’t have been twice as expensive.”

The price was more than doubled. Still, I’m still -OUT OF POWER- driving my competition. Occasionally, ladies and gentlemen, the authentic hotel spa experience is exactly what the doctor ordered … yes, it’s very relaxing. It can be one of the moments you feel completely and completely “cared for”, especially as an adult, those moments are negligible and in between.
At the end of the day, your wellness doctor is supposed to help you take care of yourself. Sometimes it can come in the form of an expensive hotel spa experience. And when I do, if I’m your wellness practitioner, I’ll tell you “more power for you, your sister (or brother)!”

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